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We only deploy drone pilots or operators whose experience & skills are aligned with your needs!


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Drone videography and photography services in Pensacola Area, Real Estate ready made aerial

Part 107 Licensed

Every drone pilot that we deploy is licensed with the FAA


Stunning aerial tours of any property, company, or municipality

High Definition

We provide you with Hd, 4K Definition footage


Sell Your Listings Faster and Attract More Clients with Aerial Imagery

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RedWasp professional drone services provide stunning aerial footage including images, video, and panoramas to showcase your residential property from a unique perspective in the sky. Perfect for showing the surrounding neighborhood, viewing large properties, and providing context to nearby amenities and features. RedWasp offers fast and professional aerial photography services at competitive pricing that fits your business needs.

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RedWasp Drone offer highly-custom residential and commercial real estate videography and Photography

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RedWasp Drone offers highly-custom residential and commercial real estate videography and photography, via our professional in-house production team.


Add a voiceover, 3D graphics, callouts of roads or neighborhood features, and more to your video to make your listing really stand out from the rest.


Sell real estate listings faster and attract more clients by displaying your commercial property from the air.


High quality aerial footage – such as panoramas, images, and video tours


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Depending on the package you order, we provide high-resolution aerial images, HD video clips, panoramas, or the raw aerial data you need for your mapping or other analytics software.
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High-resolution aerial images, HD and 4K video clips, panoramas, or the raw aerial data you need for your mapping or other analytics software.

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Check on our schedule the day time best fits for you, on our available dates for work depending mainly on nice weather light for best performance.

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We can send your material in different formats, depending on your needs, through email, on flash drives, raw video, edited video, etc.



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Flighting a drone for commercial purposes is heavily regulated by the State. Before any project we must evaluate if the work fits into the normative or requires special permissions.

Yes, our schedule is based on best weather conditions, both to deliver High Quality lighted Pictures and Video, and to protect our Equipment from hazards

We will re-schedule a new visit, ASAP on better weather conditions

We only flight High Gamma Video drones, capable of deliver Cinematic, 4K, HD quality videos.

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RedWasp Drone Services provides stunning aerial tours of any property, business, or municipality. Our video helps any house, golf course, stadium, hotel, or resort rise above.