Drone that can track people in the dark by Red Wasp Drone

Startup Skydio has launched a new drone called the X10, which aims to revolutionize public safety efforts. The drone is equipped with advanced features such as infrared sensors that enable it to track people and fly autonomously in the dark. It can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour and is compact enough to fit into the trunk of a police car. The X10 is also equipped with payload bays that can carry accessories like a speaker, spotlight, or parachute for emergency landings. With a powerful 65X zoom camera, it can read license plates from a distance of 800 feet and follow vehicles up to 3 miles away. The Zoom camera is anticipated to be particularly useful in mitigating or eliminating high-speed chases. These new capabilities could potentially lead to wider adoption of drones in law enforcement, although concerns over privacy and the need for regulations still persist. Skydio has transitioned from catering to outdoor athletes to serving a broader customer base, including law enforcement agencies like the NYPD. New York City, in particular, intends to employ drones to reduce the reliance on helicopters and enhance surveillance efforts. The city plans to establish drone piloting training programs in their police academy and deploy drones across all of its precincts. Additionally, drones may be used autonomously to investigate potential gunshots detected by AI-powered tools like ShotSpotter. Skydio has also developed drone docks that provide charging capabilities and enable autonomous take-offs. Through these advancements, Skydio is striving to make drones an integral part of public safety operations.

Source: wired.com

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