The benefits of aerial photography

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What are the benefits of aerial photography from a digital marketing perspective by RedWasp Drone

Aerial photo and Video for Real Estate businesses

Aerial photography has many advantages. For example, realtors, sellers, and buyers can benefit from drone photography of homes for sale. Photos can also be taken from the ground, but aerial photography adds depth and information to the image. Site access and size can be accurately communicated on aerial photographs. Aerial photos can show the footprint of a house in relation to driveways, nearby houses, and site features such as pools and backyards. Whether your home is in a remote ski resort or in a quiet dead end, you can accurately represent the landscape of your property. Aerial photographs of the property can also help show the surrounding area. Potential buyers want to know if the property is on the water, next to a park, or next to a school. These photos are a fantastic way to visually highlight your property, amenities, and location. In a market where buyers are constantly looking for ways to engage online, aerial photography and real estate videos are essential ways to highlight specific products. This makes it easier for buyers to choose which properties to view, allowing for faster home sales.

Aerial Photo and Video Business Use

If you are a business owner, you can use aerial photography of your property to show your location, size, and proximity to nearby landmarks and points of interest. Antennas can also be used to educate potential customers about what your business is, what you sell, and what services you offer. For example, if you own a local brewery or winery, you can capture your vineyards and properties in top-down photos and invite customers to visit your site and tour your facility. If you own a restaurant, you can use a top-down photo to show your location in the heart of the downtown area. This allows potential customers to visualize a convenient location instead of just hearing about the location. Overall, antennas are a great way to engage online consumers and make your business memorable. This is an essential aspect to stand out from the competition.

Aerial Photo and Video construction and agriculture benefits

For those involved in construction and agriculture, aerial photography can be used to increase project productivity and streamline the land evaluation process. Drones can accurately map land from above and assess crop quality, eliminating hours of on-site visits. Drones are shattering the boundaries of what is possible and impossible by capturing images up to 10km away from the operator. These high-quality images are suitable for everything from small projects such as social media campaigns to large print images such as posters, banners, and roadside advertisements.

Versatile application

The remarkable thing about aerial photography is that you get the same effect no matter how you use it. For example, business owners can display their brick-and-mortar locations, neighborhoods, and any amenities, just like a home seller. Aerial photography is so unique and attractive that it can be used on websites, brochures, emails, blog posts, especially social media. We humans are fascinated by bird’s eye views because we can’t see them alone. One of the best parts, even if you were on a plane when it took off, is looking out the window and seeing how the same cities we know, and love look unique from above. The size and use of the land are revealed, the colors are brighter, and the landscape is more prominent.

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